Wooden Toys – The Most Traditional Form Of Toys

Gadgets form the most beloved memory for any child. It not only presents the child’s personality but also contributes in the child’s learning and development. With time, toys have acquired more than one function. Vehicle considered as a crucial component of teaching and learning methods for younger kids. Not just homes, but even play schools and in reality schools at primary level and beyond, also use toys to help children learn new things in an efficient way. Though there are a variety of toys available in the market, wooden toys have had it’s own special place. Wooden toys and other ‘learn with play’ materials have been popular since very early times. Unlike the techno electric toys, the toys that are made of wooden have a very traditional feel. Moreover they are comparatively safer, as the material used is so much closer to characteristics. wooden railway

They owe their beginning to the pre world period. It has recently been proven that even during ancient times, man created toys out of materials like twigs, mud, and wood pieces. The method and the variety are pretty advanced now for wooden toys, but the basics are very traditional. Wooden blocks used as toys for babies and toddlers are the best example. Nearly every house has at least one place of wooden blocks. They will are being used in various ways to train children motor skills, pre mathematical concepts like shapes, sizes and figures too. Even the Montessori method of pre university teaching uses wooden gadgets extensively, as they are much safer, easy to maintain and possess a long life.

Apart from solid wood painted blocks, dolls and miniatures made out of wood are also quite an interesting option as toys for children. The wooden dolls are mainly of two varieties – handmade and machine made. Hand made dolls are crafted out of real wood and given different styles of miniatures including pets, birds and dolls and so forth Hand made wooden dolls are generally shaded again manually and others who love more natural and earthy type of toys and games would appreciate this variety more. In fact the pre historic excavations have shown that even in those times man was capable of crafting wood toys like miniatures, plaything and even vehicles with small details like revolving wheels and so out The machine made wood toys are certainly more complex to look at and the intricate details can be achieved within an easier way than in the hand made toys. Earlier on, it was carts that were common wooden toy vehicles obviously it has given way to more complex looking cars.

It’s a fascinating observation though that the wooden toys have found it’s own dedicated potential buyers. A lot of children want to buy wooden toys and games as collectibles more than mere play and eliminate toys. The wooden vehicles without wheels are now available in the market as the representation of ‘Flintstones’ vehicles. These toys and games are gain more popular as collectibles with children mostly of age between 3 – 6 years. Other wooden toys available are wooden puzzles, scrabbles and drawing boards and many others.

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