Why Placing Tiles on a Wooden Floor Is Simple

In the event that you are taking a gander at tiling up your floors, you are as a rule in for a significant difficult task. There are numerous motivations to tile floors; notwithstanding, one of the principle reasons is cleanliness and neatness. Putting tiles on a wooden floor is an awesome guard against termites, for example. Suppose that you need to tile your wooden floor. This may appear as though an exceptionally confounded activity considering the way that tile and wood and cement are three entirely unexpected materials that are never said as blending admirably, yet the application and hybrid of these materials is extremely straightforward to be sure. gulvafslibning

Individuals frequently think about how the real procedure of applying tiles to a wooden floor contrasts from the application procedure of tiles to a solid floor. In all actuality, not so much. The main distinction is in the board that should be put down before you apply the tiles. On a solid floor, you would need to put a bond board down over the uncovered cement underneath. With a wooden floor, you get something many refer to as a sponsorship board that you have to put down over the wood. When this has been done, you can approach applying tiles in the ordinary way.

The procedure of use

Get your exceptional support board and paste it down to your wooden floor. You will in all likelihood need to do this in stages and utilize a blend of cement and silicone to ensure that it remains down.

Get your tile sheets and slice the edge pieces to size of the room.

When this is done, apply your tile sheets to the support board using tile glue. Ensure that the majority of your tile cement is dry before you proceed onward to grouting your tiles.

When you have grouted your tiles, attempt and wipe however much of the grout off as could reasonably be expected with the goal that it doesn’t turn into an issue later. Sit tight for twenty four hours for the grout to dry and set legitimately.

Once the grout has dried, you should simply to ensure that you rub the abundance off your tiles and clean up the floor all in all.

Apply a tile sealant and possibly an enemy of slip covering to the floor and you are ready. The sealant will keep moist from penetrating the floors, as this is the exact opposite thing you need, particularly if your house is as yet sitting on its wooden floors.

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