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Ways to get your credit history

Many people want to apply for a personal loan or credit of some kind but are afraid of being rejected because they do not know their credit history. “Will I be a risk user?” They ask. (Want to know why the credits are denied? You can see it here )

Definitely, only we can know this answer because we know what we have spent our money over time and with what institutions we have borrowed. However, we may have doubts because we do not know how our score affected the delay we had or if our score is good even if we have not had credits. To solve these doubts and be prepared to request the financing we need, there are several ways in which we can obtain our credit history and our score.

Xchange – Free

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You can download this application to your phone and it will give you 5 free consultations where you can find out not only your credit history but that of whoever you want, placing only your ID.
If after exhausting your 5 free consultations you want to verify your history or that of another person, you will have to pay. Senitel – Free. By entering the Senitel website, you will be able to obtain the registration of your debts during the last two years, as well as those that you currently have pending and the rating that has been granted by them.



For that you must fill in the information requested there and through an SMS to your cell phone or code to your email, you can confirm the opening of your account. This report can be obtained twice a year. In addition, on the same page you can request to know the credit status of third parties.

Klerdestors – Free

Equifax - Free


Klerdestors allows you to obtain your Risk Score (from 0 to 20) in the credit system to know how banks see you and what are the chances of obtaining a credit in the next 12 months.

For that you must enter the Klerdestors website and look for the option to “buy Infocorp report”, then the free option will also appear. Klerdestors – Paid. To get the detail of your history you can also use Klerdestors. This time you will have to make a payment of s / 30.00 to get all the information. If after checking your history you discovered that there are no risks of being denied a credit, you can use our website to obtain the options with the lowest interest in the different cases: Personal loans, mortgage credit, vehicle credit, etc.



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