Vinyl Flooring – Is it For You?


A vinyl floor is a versatile plastic deck comprises of a few layers: the base, a defensive layer of fiberglass, the outline and wrap up. pisos santa maria

The toughness of vinyl relies upon the thickness of the layer and the quality of the substrate.

An extra covering expands the scratch and wear opposition.

Tasteful potential outcomes 

Vinyl is avaiable in innumerable hues and outlines, and can mirror other floor covers (eg tiles, hardwood…) and unique dream plans. Indeed, even plans that consistently combine figures are conceivable.


A vinyl floor is anything but difficult to keep up. Week after week vacuuming and consistent washing with a cleanser that is intended for vinyl floors is adequate.

Arrangement It can be put anyplace in your house,even in wet regions ( gave the glue is non water solvent) and still resemble a million bucks.


The vinyl is accessible in thicknesses extending from 1 to 3.5 mm and in widths of 2, 3 and 4 meters wide. Keep in mind that an intensely stacked floors require more grounded and thicker quality than less vigorously stacked floors.

Focal points of vinyl flooring

*Broadest Range of Colors and Designs

In the event that you need to mirror the look and surface of common materials, for example, wood, stone or earthenware, or in the event that you incline toward an outline that is just conceivable with current printing innovation, vinyl flooring offer the broadest scope of plans and hues in any story classification.

* An Excellent Buy

On the off chance that you are a merchant then the value profit proportion of the vinyl sheet is a standout amongst other arrangements on flats in contrast with other floor covers.

* Accommodation and Resistance Under Foot

Contrasted and other hard surface deck, it is less demanding to remain on the vinyl for extensive stretches.. Its versatility is all the more sympathetic with vessels or items that tumble to the ground. The agreeable vinyl structure appropriate for kids and more adaptable joints of the elderly.

* Low Maintenance

Vinyl requires negligible support, substantially less than some other class of pads.

*Water Proof

The sheet vinyl does not retain fluids, making it perfect for any room in the house, particularly washrooms and kitchens. It additionally has less joints than vinyl tile, so there are less places for water amassing and messy.

* Be introduced anyplace

The vinyl can be utilized underneath, at or over the ground level on most subfloors (with the exception of cover).

* The vinyl sheet is 6 ‘or 12’ feet (1.8 m or 3.6 m) wide, which makes an establishment with more uniform appearance.

* Sound retaining impact

* Never feels cool

Impediments of vinyl flooring * Less solid than some other floor covers (eg tiles, linoleum,…)

* Large contrasts in quality, ensure that the nature of the floor are adjusted to utilize

* Not Increase the Value of Housing

The sheet vinyl is more improbable than regular ground surface items to enhance the fiscal estimation of your home.

* More effortlessly scratched or Open

The best vinyl is more helpless to open and other maintainability issues.. For high utilize territories vinyl is best to introduce thicker and of better quality.

* It’s not as Friendly to Other ground surface (cover vinyl tile without glue)

For working individuals, the vinyl sheet isn’t exceptionally convoluted to introduce, however it requires accuracy and planning. The subsoil must be set up to make it smooth, level and dry before putting on the floor. Subsequent to putting the floor, seal the joints can be troublesome.. At the point when a board is required, establishment is best left to an expert.

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