The Autism Myths (ASD) – Twelve Reasons for the Autism Epidemic

1. The Cause of Autism isn’t Known

It shows up undeniably likely that they have not possessed the capacity to recognize a restorative or natural cause(s) for extreme introvertedness. There is no proof that exploration in the course of recent years has been coordinated at recognizing the reason for extreme introvertedness or finding a fix. Clearly, what you don’t search for you won’t discover! I trust the reason has been known for a long time. To recognize the reason would prompt expectation and after some time, counteractive action. (ABA)THERAPY

2. A mental imbalance is a Medical Problem

A mental imbalance is being dealt with as a therapeutic issue when there is clear proof that the real hazard factor for a mental imbalance has been appeared to be the absence of an appropriate eating routine. Nourishment isn’t viewed as a restorative issue. Hence the reason for extreme introvertedness has escaped investigate endeavors. 

3. Qualities are the Cause for Autism

Hereditary changes have been found in a few kids with extreme introvertedness. Delicate X is one model yet the writing has not demonstrated what causes these hereditary changes. I would contend that these progressions are the aftereffect of components that reason a mental imbalance instead of the hereditary changes causing extreme introvertedness. Understanding the distinction is basic to crushing a mental imbalance. Billions of dollars have been put resources into research on a mental imbalance. It gives the idea that the greater part the a mental imbalance spending plan has been for hereditary investigations while I have not discovered a solitary concede that viewed nutritious insufficiency as a hazard factor in a mental imbalance.

4. Sustenance Has Little or Nothing to Do With Autism

A mental imbalance has not been appeared to be caused by any infection, microscopic organisms, and so forth but instead has a place in the class of constant issue. History has plainly demonstrated that most all interminable issue are caused by any of a few nourishing insufficiencies. This would incorporate the vitamins, minerals, amino acids, unsaturated fats, and cholesterol to give some examples. A couple of precedents of scatters counteracted or relieved by these supplements incorporate scurvy, spina bifida, pellagra, rickets, goiter, different birth abandons, skin issue, poisonous iron deficiency, and so on. Sustenance or the deficiency in that department has nearly everything to do with a mental imbalance!

5. Antibodies are the Cause for Autism

The essential inquiry that ought to be addressed is what is distinctive about the kids that experience a mental imbalance soon after being immunized contrasted with the individuals who don’t encounter the manifestations? There are extremely numerous youngsters inoculated that don’t build up the indications and that makes it hard to accuse antibodies as the reason. The level of protection from elements in antibodies may well rely on the sufficiency of the eating regimen. The little level of kids that create indications following inoculations may share basic nutritious lacks, however as far as anyone is concerned this has not been assessed or examined.

6. Natural Toxins are Causing Autism

Natural poisons are no ifs ands or buts a hazard factor for a mental imbalance yet sound judgment says this must be an okay since research endeavors have not uncovered a conclusive evidence in fifty years. I view this as just a redirection that makes for intriguing features and is a decent idea for looking for research gifts, however at last resembles “The Bridge to No Where.” In the interim kids are enduring and families are left to live with the issues of extreme introvertedness.

7. More seasoned Parents Increase the Risk of Autism

Ongoing investigations have recommended that more established fathers represent an expanded danger of the youngster having a mental imbalance. The issue that I see with this exploration is that it didn’t consider the dietary works on being trailed by those people. Nor were their dispositions on “solid nourishments” included which could significantly affect the sustenances their youngsters would be advertised. Age for either parent would have all the earmarks of being an extremely minor hazard factor.

8. More seasoned Siblings With Autism Increase the Risk for Newborn Children

Ongoing examinations have revealed an expanded hazard (25-35%) for infant youngsters creating a mental imbalance on the off chance that they have a more seasoned kin with a mental imbalance. The variable that will direct the level of hazard is accepted to be in their particular weight control plans. On the off chance that the dietary practices are indistinguishable for both, I trust the hazard is over 90% in light of the fact that the one with a mental imbalance is inadequate with regards to a sufficient eating routine. On the off chance that the infant eats an alternate eating regimen that is nutritiously sufficient, the hazard would be under 2%.

9. Connected Behavior Analysis is the First and Best Treatment for Autism

There are a few kinds of treatment for youngsters with a mental imbalance, for example, physical, discourse, word related, and conduct. The ABA specialists prescribe 25-40 long stretches of treatment every week beginning when the kid is analyzed. Drugs or the numerous types of treatment give nothing to the nutritious lacks present in youngsters with extreme introvertedness. Nutritious treatment to affirm the ampleness of the kid’s eating regimen, ought to be the initial step taken to guarantee the eating routine accommodates legitimate mental health. At the point when the eating regimen is correct, one needs much less treatment or drugs.

10. Drugs Are the Best Way to Treat Autism

Most drugs basically treat the side effects, not what is causing a mental imbalance. The most ideal approach to treat extreme introvertedness is to wipe out what is causing it. On the off chance that, similarly as with other perpetual disarranges, the reason is poor nourishment, at that point the best treatment is to kill the inadequacies. This could possibly fix the issue. There is no known prescription that will fix a mental imbalance.

11. There Is No Way To Predict Autism

To precisely anticipate if a kid will build up the indications of a mental imbalance is a test. Ongoing examinations have demonstrated that a horrible eating routine is the most serious hazard factor for creating extreme introvertedness. By distinguishing those hazard factors from the get-go throughout everyday life, before manifestations are available, will manage the cost of an open door for an early intercession to thoroughly wipe out the hazard recognized.

12. There is No Way To Prevent Autism

There is no known or demonstrated approach to avert extreme introvertedness as of now. In any case, it gives the idea that avoidance will be conceivable through early expectation as portrayed previously. Demonstrating the avoidance of a mental imbalance with the end of known hazard factors isn’t a simple undertaking. This will require a huge number of people for sufficient verification which may not be conceivable. It is normal that the frequency of a mental imbalance among infant youngsters will be altogether lessened as anticipation ends up conceivable. This will require testing for these hazard factors in the early long stretches of life and where dangers are recognized, mediation is utilized to wipe out the dangers. There is dependably trust.

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