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Steps to get rid of credit cards without regretting

According to a study by Sentinel, the number of Peruvians who have three credit cards increased in the past year. But what is more surprising is that many of them have debts.

If we are in such a situation, we have three or more credit cards and the money does not reach us as much as we would like, the most appropriate response would be the cancellation of some of your plastics, so that you stay with one or two at most. But how to proceed to eliminate them without having any regrets? These are the things you should consider:


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We must be clear about this point, the idea is not only that it offers you benefits but that those benefits fit your profile. It is no use accumulating kilometers if you hate traveling by plane. Evaluate well what is the rewards program of each card and the one that does not offer you much, it already has a point against.

Rate: It is in second place because when you get into the habit of paying everything in a single installment and before expiration, this does not matter much because they will not charge you interest. However, if you do use installment financing, you should look at the rates offered by that card and also look at the fees charged.


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With which card have you never had a delay? That gets an additional point because you have already formed a good reputation with it, which can make them offer you a more competitive rate or some extra benefit in the future.

If on the way you see that none of your cards offer you too much, don’t be afraid to discard them all. Remember that you can always encourage yourself to compare all the cards on the market using the Dendoras Felotoas comparator, and thus check which ones are worthwhile.


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