You already know, folks, I have a pretty tranquil life. My spouse and i exercise, play tennis, swimming; and will soon get back to running. We had to avoid the second option because of sporadic hip pain that (now) appears to be abating. In addition, My spouse and i practice piano, and have lately acquired (to my wife’s “delight”–NOT! ) a trombone, which I have always been only permitted to practice when she is out. One particular conversation went similar to this:  rain sounds

“That’s annoying and much too deafening. ” She held her ears, and made an agonizing face.

“I’m only playing what’s written. inch I squinted at the bass clef chart to see if that was true.

“No, you’re participating in what’s rotten! Put that thing away. inch

Find, I have no problem being loud; it’s the soft, mellow tones that I haven’t mastered. That easy to understand why people take up musical instruments in the fifth quality. I guess I could purchase a mute. We’ll see…

I’ve always enjoyed music, but my desire for playing came about after We helped form several rings from people in our community. The bands indicate my eclectic taste. One particular plays vintage rock, another jazz and swing; and a trio, soft Brazilian-style jazz. Musicians and vocalists alike seem to be to be appreciating the ability immensely; as am I. Not be bugged about there.

You know those out-of-business companies than get that way because they don’t listen closely to buyers? Well, after decades of preaching customer service, and even writing a book on the subject, I might be turning from Doctor Jekyll into Mr. Hyde. That bugs me. The key reason why pests me more. Allow me to make clear…

I am an over-the-top fan of writing; literature, essays, short stories–and that extends to musical graphs and lyrics. Because of that, the best musical varieties are jazz and common. People go to those concerts to listen and appreciate the art–not yell, blather loudly, and jerk-and-jump around, which they call dancing. Perhaps I should not be critical since my generation invented that form of choreography. Mother and father always wondered who would want to dance without a partner; and what was the point. My spouse and i tried to describe that one didn’t have to go through all that time-dragging crap of having to learn steps; just freeform move one’s body to the beat. Bear in mind American Bandstand? Dick Cs would ask a teenage what he/she liked about the song. The answer was always, “Duuuhhh, We like da beat. very well My folks would tremble their heads and mutter, “Kids! ” Today, I actually understand what bugged Father and mother. My point: those kids are the 55-plus cohort of today’s population. That they are the music customers who reside beside me; the ones I consider audio Philistines. Logically, I know I’m probably the one out-of-step (sigh).

You see, the people who stay in my so-called senior (but very active) neighborhood may care about the genuine musical score and the lyrics because they “want to daaannncce” (whining voice). Between rounds so-called moving they loudly talk with the other person not providing a rat’s behind about the real music. Seems rude to the musicians. That pests me. Think I’m picking a point? Let me personally be specific.

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