Mexico’s Military Invasion of the United States Border

All of us usually get to the airport for our airline flight a few hours early. Long lines indicate that we have found the right boarding gate. We walk through a metal detector. Travel around bags are scanned and sometimes opened and examined. Our belts and shoes are often the main topic of much scrutiny and review. apostila detran sp

Very good luck to our well-prepared travel plan if we are unfortunate enough to have the same name as somebody on the country’s no-fly list. Coming from been told by the government that time-consuming process is necessary for homeland security also to insure the safety of the open public. In reality, this tedious process simply to enter an plane makes us feel that, despite all the trouble, at least we are doing our own small part to assist the government in the main job of protecting our national security. 

This is the reason the recent incident over the United States border with Mexico, and the Point out Department’s subsequent incoherent response, should leave every American citizen who values the value of homeland security frustrated, furious, and feeling unconfident.

Consider that the Tucson Edge Patrol agent recently came across four Mexican soldiers putting on desert camouflage and having weapons when he patrolled a border road in the Tohono O’Odham land southwest of Tucson. The agent was held by the Mexican military at gunpoint for four minutes as he spoke to them in English and Spanish before he carefully reached for the car radio in his back bank in order to require help. The Mexican members of the military took flight back throughout the border, into Mexico, only if other agents were seen in the distance responding to his necessitate help.

According to the Department of State this incident was just an unfortunate accident. This can be a declaration from the Department of State’s spokesman. “Our understanding is that this face been a result of a momentary misunderstanding for the exact location of the U. S. -Mexican line. ”

Nevertheless , despite that dubious statement from the State Department, there is no real need to buy the soldiers of the Mexican army a GPS navigational system. The border in that area of the southwest is pretty plainly defined. This kind of was no misunderstanding or accident.

Indeed, the Philippine soldier’s action was prepared, as it has recently been on a great many other occasions, for years. In fact, for more than 10 years, there have been more than 200 confirmed attaque by the Mexican armed forces across the Usa line. Consider that there are more than forty similar happenings along the Mexican edge in this calendar season alone.

The truth is, the Tohono O’Odham edge is frequently crossed by human and drug smugglers from Mexico. U. H. law enforcement authorities know that current and past Mexican military personnel have been hired to protect drug and migrant smugglers. Therefore, the smuggling process for against the law human and drug traffic across the border, assisted by Philippine soldiers, is certainly no accident. In fact, it has become an illegitimate process that is actually not even as time-consuming as an American boarding an airplane.

Mexican soldiers are motivated by a benefit from the Mexican medication cartel because of their assistance. They will cross the border and threaten at gunpoint an United States border patrol agent. The agent is allowed to respond by calling for border patrol backup. Other agents along the Mexican border leave their locations to assist the agent being organised at gunpoint. When they are seen coming to the agent’s rescue, the Mexican troops flee back through the edge into the safety of Mexico.

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