Introduction to the Different Types of Capacitors

A capacitor is a type of electrical reservoir that stores and releases electric energy. This type of item can be used in the production of many devices, such as amplifiers, pcs, televisions, radios etc. You will find some of the components mentioned above in almost all electronic circuits. high frequency capacitor

Given that they basically host an electric charge, their voltage and capacities can apply to a huge variety of needs. Producers use a whole lot of materials to create capacitors in line with the part of usage. 


Usually, capacitors are designed as casse-cro?te of insulators located between 2 layers of material. An insulator is made out of any material called “dielectric” and it decides the general behavior of the capacitor. The devices which may have a ceramic di-electric have smaller values (they start at a few of picofarads- the farad is the device of capacitance) and can reach even a thousand picofarads. A great interesting thing about them is they have great capacitance stability when it comes to a sizable heat range.


The items that want to fit a sizable capacitance value in a tiny space may easily use tantalum capacitors. They are really polarized (one lead takes positive charges while the other one negative ones). Extra attention should be given as a way not to line the capacitor backwards or the polarity might eliminate it. You can identify a bad capacitor by the silvery fluid released.

Aluminum Electrolytic

This is employed for the more robust applications and the power-supply filter systems. It is not necessarily very expensive and has a tolerance of 20%. Therefore they normal value of the part can vary higher or lower than the value displayed on the sticker.

One of the most significant issues in this case is represented by the liquid inside, which can dry and prevent the capacitor from working. The liquid can also leak and destroy the rest of the components. Furthermore, the electrolytic capacitors can explode if they are linked in a wrong manner, they can leak current, might not have a long lifespan and do not resist to high temperatures.

Polyester Film

This kind of type of capacitors has the capacitance value and it is very reliable. Its capacitance increases when the temperature does, rendering it incompatible with sensitive brake lines. These capacitors are available in various locations and do not cost very much.

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