Effective Web Design – Marketing and Brand Identity

The brand isn’t just something your enterprise sells; it just isn’t just some service you provide. Your brand is an idea, an image of what you stand for, and what pinpoints your company in the face of your competition. Your brand identity could be your logo, capture phrase, a song, colors, people, etc. It is a collection of things, ideas, and symbols that associate with one another to create a better reputation of your company as well as its products and services within the hearts and heads of your customers. Michael Berookim

That is no accident that when you think of McDonalds and think of Ronald McDonald, the monster stylized M, with the colors red and orange. Those are generally part of McDonald’s brand identity. They will form a weave of different parts to create a very strong identification. This is why you observe thousands of logos, reoccurring colors, and other methods of showcasing brand id constantly within our day to day lives. 

The web is merely another medium for your brand identity to land on display and strengthen it overall. The website, logo, and any print media you may have like business cards, brochures, or posters should all have some way of similarity to them, the most frequent aspect likely being color. Your logo design should also display on your business card, brochures, and posters, upholding a powerful oneness between the several portions of your brand identity.

Once your brand identity is offered in the world in enough places like print, web, and television, it will also be on your brain and tip of the tongue of your customers. , nor think identity is something only for the big guys. Using a strong brand identity can relate your business with quality and affordable companies can mean the difference in reducing or opening that new location.

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