Does Your Business Have What It Takes To Become A Franchise?

Plus involved in franchising tons of businesses, at previous count over 60. A lot of from concept plus some where we converted a current business to the franchised model and I am really happy to deal with either pathway with one vital proviso. fusionex

The business owner should have a fair understanding on what must be done to run a business successfully – franchised or not.

And sadly I have determined this is easier said than done. 

Done well, franchising helps to structure a business in order that it has the best chance of success because franchising helps to infuse great business techniques in position. Systems and money management being at the top of record. Yet overall, I have found that in most businesses, there are some aspects about business success which need to be evaluated and without sound business experience, creating a business is not likely to succeed.

Focusing on how business works is especially important, because you, as franchisor, will often be training less business savvy-franchisees on successful business practice.

The most useful way I have found to think about business success is to look at the stages of business growth since it is through this journey that lots of learn the value of different business skills needed as they grow.

The 5 Stages of Organization Growth

Back in the early 1980’s, the idea that businesses grow through defined stages was first discussed within an article published in Forbes by Neil C. Churchill and Virginia L. Lewis. This kind of work is still mentioned to describe the value of basic business elements to success.

Before I type in the 5 stages, there is one important point to make.

Businesses do not necessarily need to go through each stage. That is possible to rate through stages into no matter which is your goal. The best way to do this is to understand precisely what is required. This is how the likes of Rich Branson create new businesses everyday – Richard will have the ability to his business ducks in a row before this individual starts. But even his businesses will need to go through many of these phases on the way to creating an empire.

In a nutshell these are the stages

Stage one particular – Existence

This is generally the start-up level for any business. Without revenue, the focus of the company owner is obtaining customers and delivering the product or service. Without doubt, the owner is obviously working in the business, often alone filling every role. A serious concern is having enough money to cover this start-up phase. The strategy here is only to stay alive.

Stage 2 – Survival

By now, the business enterprise has proven it is workable and can be profitable but it is still simple in structure. There may be a limited quantity of employees supervised by a sales manager or a standard foreman but neither will make any major decisions independently. They carry away the rather well-defined instructions of the owner.

Devices development is still little. Formal planning is, at best, cash forecasting. The major goal remains to be success, and the owner remains to be the business and working in the organization. The main aim is to get a positive return on investment and making the business profitable.

However if the business is to grow, it is important to commence to know the need to systemise and know how business operates.

Some small companies choose to stay here, scarcely making a profit, others choose to move into the Success Stage.

Level 3 – Accomplishment

For this point, the company is stable and profitable and cash is not a problem. Most revealing to, basic financial, marketing, and production systems are in location to power effective abordnung.

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