Creating a Music Inspired Wedding Theme

For some, music is the terminology of the heart; it speaks to the heart in manners that mere words cannot, it creates ambiance and can relax or invigorate your head. If you are an artist or a music fan, setting up a music themed wedding could prove to be and exciting for your guests and the happy couple. You might want country or you may like ordinary n’ roll, your darling may play in a hard rock band or may be a violin virtuoso in a time-honored ensemble, but whatever you musical background is, you can make your response come alive with both music inspired decorations, tones and even music wedding favors. banda para casamento brasilia

First decide on a musical style for your wedding. A country western theme could be designed around country music, cowboy boots, haystacks and a live country group. A classical music wedding seems very elegant, dark tie and upscale. Employ the service of a pianist for the cocktail hour and a classical ensemble for the reception. In case you decide on a rock n’ move theme, you can design your wedding around a particular band or artist – or even a particular decade of rock and roll music. Riding in on the motorcycle as newlyweds and using electric guitar place card holders would be fitting for such a theme. 

Whatever style of music you decide after, incorporate it into every factor of your wedding. The reception can be decorated like you are viewing a band as a group, as a whole, or you can incorporate the instruments themselves as decorations. Centerpieces could be designed around linen music on stands encircled by flowers. Tables can be names of tracks rather than the usual amounts. Ice or flowers could be sculpted into music notes. The dance floor can be highlighted with lights and even haze. Your wedding cake could be designed as an instrument of your choice.

For your escort playing cards, there are a variety of music inspired place card holders to keep your seating assignments such as pianos, guitars, violins, brass ensembles, music paperwork, or music stands. Intended for wedding favors, why not give you an individualized music CD with some of the tunes which played at your reception? Or for an universal wedding favor, why not purchase CD cases? The possibilities for building a music inspired wedding theme are endless, but you might have to think outside of the box because a nontraditional and highly unique wedding theme.

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