Barbecue Smoker Maintenance Guide For Extended Use

There are numerous things that you need to get into the habit of doing with your brand-new barbecue smoker so that it can last for many years. Some those that smoke and grills are a significant investment for the backyard barbecue enthusiast, and a good, quality person needs to serve the family as long as possible. Follow these simple barbecue smoker maintenance techniques for extended value to get the best use out of your barbecue smoker. How to season a smoker

A new smoker should always be seasoned, just like a new iron frying pan or grill. To season your grill, coat the interior of the unit and the grates with cooking food oil. Peanut oil works well for this because it holds up well in heat. Vegetable petrol also works, and canola oil will do fine as well. Olive essential oil will never hold up in the great heat produced by a smoker or grill. 

Light an open fire in the fire package. Bring the temperature up to about 500 deg for 20 to 35 minutes and allow the fire to burn away. This will seal the oil into the home of the grill and keeps out the dampness, preserving it from oxidation.

Never leave charcoal seated in the grill until the next time you use it. Allow the charcoal to burn completely out until you are definate there are no more hot coals. Never leave them in the smoker much longer than overnight. When it is safe to accomplish this, eliminate the cool charcoal into a garbage can or another container. Charcoal keeps moisture, and leaving it in the smoker between uses will cause the smoker to rust.

The moment the cooking is done, use the steel comb to clean all of the food off of the grates. When the smoker is completely cool, wipe the grates down with a paper hand towel or rag. You can also use a commercial grill cleaning product to clean from the burned food. If the grill is well seasoned, the metal brush is all that you should need.

Make sure you close the vents and the chimney vent if this rains before the user is cool enough to cover. Following the smoker is completely cool, wipe it with a dry publication and cover it well. If your smoker would not come with a cover, the separate purchase is worth it. When you have to use a damp or wet cloth on the smoker exterior, let it dry completely before masking it.

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