Applying Blockchain to AR Gaming Market : Wise choice or not?

Blockchain and AR correlation

Blockchain technology is no longer a new concept to coin hunters in the age of cryptocurrency. Blockchain is seen as the key to digital transformation and the foundation of future information technology. AR Applications In Gaming

AR is the technology that puts information, images and sounds of the virtual world into the real environment, where the virtual and real world integration is growing in popularity in the game ecosystem. Being at its early stage, AR is seeking at different implementations to create compelling games that attract players with the lively images and a wide range of challenges and rewards.


Blockchain application in AR Game market

It can be seen that the driving force behind the application of the Blockchain platform in AR game industry is the current obsolete and troublesome system. In the time to come, cryptocurrency will replace cash, allowing gamers to interact with contracts in the long run. Other services such as exchanging valuable virtual items will become more popular thanks to Blockchain platform.


Exploit cryptocurrency value

Blockchain in online games connects players from every country and every culture through the Token value. Token is used as a global value transfer unit that affects the liquidity required in the game market, facilitate the interconnectedness and completes game contracts.


No longer are games used sheerly for entertainment purpose. AR game experience comes with obvious benefits. In addition to the social value of connecting people, Blockchain and AR are taking games to a new level. Education, adventure, research and trade are just some of the values being exploited from this ecosystem.


Protect the value of virtual items

Crime scene in online games is not rare, with many cases being hacked and robbed of precious items via malicious links. In addition, bugs and errors in the game server may also cause virtual property to be lost. The providers may eventually have to take the responsibility to compensate players for the loss, resulting in revenue loss.

If Blockchain is applied in the game industry, the loss of virtual property is just a thing in the past. Blockchain technology and distributed data will make the game system immune to such attacks.


Blockchain-integrated AR Game

A typical example of Blockchain application to AR games is Mossland Reality Reflection – an AR mobile game about real estate. At Mossland, users verify their real estate assets and place them in the game world. This allows other users to buy and sell real assets in Mossland virtual world. This game takes advantage of Blockchain-based cryptocurrency to enhance sales and trading activities among users in a new way.

Another one is the upcoming game, ARHunter, by VBAEMU with its state-of-the-art technology platform: Blockchain, Smart Contract and AR. The whole system of exchange, purchase and value of the game items is calculated in its own currency, VBA coin. This cryptocurrency is Q`based on Blockchain 3.0 technology, and is expected to be a sustainable and popular payment method in the future, especially when listed on crypto exchanges.

These days, AR Game market is booming in the online game ecosystem, but the most interesting thing is that Blockchain application may enable the real value conversional over the AR game ecosystem, automatically connect networks around the globe. Above all, this will set the standards for a new era of Blockchain-integrated AR games where transactions are guaranteed with the highest level of safety and transparency.


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