Android App Developer: Why Is It a Good Career Option?

Therefore you’re looking forward to be a google Iphone app Developer and wonder why is it a good career option? This is your read. According to a recent job review, there is a go up of 40 percent in job openings for Android os developers. Due to this rise in the demand of android developers, a bunch IT training facilities across the location are introducing dedicated curriculum and classes for Android software development training. One of these initiate can be your forehead of education if if you’re looking forward to a promising career in google android application development. conta spotify premium

Android is one of the very most used working system in tablets and smart phones today. Because of this rise in its functionality and high selling of Android based mobile devices, demand of android software developers has additionally gone up. The major reason for this, are the amazing features, apps, and video games made available to the consumer on android platform. In the event that you love all those programs and games on your phone and speculate how functions, then this could be a cool career option for you. 

Lets have a look at some figures that can hep you better with for you to decide:

Android was born in between 2005-2006 and later brought into existence in 2007 by Google as then their growing at a faster pace. Today, every other phone is running on android platform. Every six out of 10 mobile devices are found to be android based devices. Presently, Android holds 49% of the total market share which shows that there are around one hundred and eighty million Android smartphones on the market.

Let’s see what are the main element areas in Android os development where you can get your hands on:

1 ) GUI Building
2. Application Programming
3. Implementation
4. Mobile Video game Developer
5. Android Mobile phone Application Project Manager

What you need to know before you start:

one particular ) Java Programming Vocabulary: Android Development lives with and dies without Java. It’s surely not a tough programming language to learn if you know some coding basics.

2. XML: Xml can be used for declare UI elements in android apps. Also, it has been widely used with other programming dialects too. Knowing XML can make your job much easier here.

3. Development Environment: This is where software development tools comes into play. Eclipse is one particular tool which is extensively employed by android software builders and also recommended by top Android development companies. You will also need to setup Android SDK before you start code. Want to know the best part here is that you will find a single package easily online that includes everything you need for android development.

Some quick points why Android App Development is a hot career option:

1. Good Salary levels
2. Fastest growing mobile platform
3. A great deal of career growth
4. Arrive at work with top Android Development Company
5. You can freelance whenever.

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