A Game – Numeric Value of a Word

At whatever point I discover my children getting exhausted with their current amusements or when they play with different children I urge them to play a word diversion with me. In this day and age there is no restriction to advanced diversions however with regards to manual amusements there is unquestionably a lack. Manual or indoor diversions are constrained and advanced amusements have cleared away the delight and energy which a youngster was utilized to get from playing such recreations. I ponder even my baby cherishes the computerized things more than the toys. All things considered, we have to guarantee ourselves that our children play routinely some non computerized diversions moreover. games for vision impaired

Here is a diversion which I contrived and at whatever point it’s played it turned out to be fascinating. First I ask a child what is your name number and afterward I disclose to him how he can have his name number. For instance in the event that a tyke’s name is ‘Ali’ his numeric number is 1129. 

Here is the rationale, first we allocated a number to each of the 26 English letters in order as pursues:

A – 1

B – 2

C – 3

D – 4

E – 5

F – 6

G – 7

H – 8

I – 9

J – 10

K – 11

L – 12

M – 13

N – 14

O – 15

P – 16

Q – 17

R – 18

S – 19

T – 20

U – 21

V – 22

W – 23

X – 24

Y – 25

Z – 26

Presently, you see ALI has A, L and I or more A has number 1, L has 12 and I has 9. So the number for Ali is 1129.

The above amusement winds up intriguing when it’s played without seeing the numbers on the paper. Give a youngster little words like sky, air, rain, play, go, the, we simply, ask, and so forth so as to constrain the subsequent incentive to 5 to 7 digits with the goal that they keep in mind the numbers. On the off chance that vast words are displayed they may get exhausted. Additionally, mentally our recollections can hold up to 7 digits at a one specific time.

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