What is Personal Drake’s Loan for living together?

In Peru, cohabiting couples are recognized and protected by laws and their constitution. This figure is called Personal Drake’s Loan, and gives the cohabitation subject to the regime of society of property. If you want to know what the Personal Drake’s Loan is for the living together, continue reading this article.

It happens in marriage, it is in equal parts

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What is Personal Drake’s Loan?. The union is in fact a legal figure that protects the concubines or cohabiting adopters. It is a kind of informal marriage, where parentage is obtained through mutual recognition of the couple.

Peruvian laws recognize this affiliation as a society of marital property that is regulated by marriage. For this, coexistence must be recognized by the couple, in the notarial or judicial way. The only requirements required to contract a Personal Drake’s Loan are: The couple is made up of male and female, that is, they cannot yet choose same-sex couples.

Both members of the couple must be free of marriage impediment; that is, they cannot be married.

Advantages of Personal Drake’s Loan

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When registering a Personal Drake’s Loan, the couple is obliged to define the start date of the relationship. Then, if the outcome of the event occurs, it is easy to determine which assets were obtained during the union and which were not. The assets obtained prior to the union are preserved in favor of their owners, and are not considered part of the company.

As an example, suppose that before the Personal Drake’s Loan, you own an apartment, and your partner, a house. After declaring the union in fact, they acquire a business premises to start a family business. In this case, if they decide to end the Personal Drake’s Loan, the following would occur:

You keep your apartment, since it never let you be part of your property. Your partner keeps his house, he never stopped owning it.

Both must reach an agreement of distribution of the commercial premises, since their property is shared. 

The miracle of credit

Imagine a man with his salary of 800 soles, married to a woman who has an income of 1200 soles. The purchasing power of this family is limited in 2000 soles. Imagine that this family does not have access to banking services, credit cards or any other type of credit. Considering that food and basic household expenses (water, electricity) represent 40% of family income, we would have a family that has 1200 soles of income for their other purchases.

Consequently, this family would have a purchase limit, forcing themselves to buy a household item per month. This month, a refrigerator, a TV the other and so on. This situation occurs because they do not have the possibility to take advantage of their purchasing power.

This situation, taking into account Keynesian theory, is bad for the economy

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By limiting the purchasing power of a family from its real income, we are forcing the market to produce less, hire less and generate less wealth. Over time this situation will get worse, creating inertia in the economy. To make matters worse, companies begin to produce more and more, in order to reduce their production costs and (theoretically) increase their profits.

Imagine now that this family has a credit line worth 10 times more than their purchasing power. That is, its purchase limit of 1,200 soles became 12,000 soles. What they could previously acquire in one year, they can now acquire in 1 month. With this we already have an increase in demand and the need to aggravate the supply of products in the market. Since companies need: produce more, hire more, people with higher incomes and access to credit lines to consume more. This becomes a miracle! However, many of these people, although they have a great tool (credit), lack financial education, which creates a greater problem for them.

All types of credit lines

All types of credit lines

Whether credit cards or personal loans – are aimed at harnessing the purchasing power of a person, so that he can consume more. This strategy was what saved the world after the 1929 crisis and the one that has continued to do so since then.

The problem is that we, semi-rational, mere mortals, are not prepared to take such a large purchasing power with responsibility, and if we add this to the lack of organization and financial planning, we have a time bomb that explodes every day in someone’s hand.

This miracle is still something incredibly powerful. For those who know about it, organize and plan the use of their money. Whereas today anyone can have a credit card, with it you can increase the limit of money destined for purchase in a great way. If you take into account the annual income along with the annualized credit limit, you will realize that it is very easy to build a heritage from nothing, with a purchasing power of 2000 soles. Now, for you to enjoy all that “power” you need to start your financial planning. And fast!

What You Need to Know About the Central Credit Information System

The ZKR is a credit information database run by a financial corporation, into which financial institutions provide customer information and data to determine the creditworthiness of borrowers following the conclusion of a financial services contract.

The ZKR is a list of debtors that, in addition to the negative information (data on delinquencies, defaults, fraud, abuse) related to credit and loan contracts as defined in the ZKR Act (Act CXXII of 2011), also records the client’s positive credit history (positive list of debtors). He is the legal successor of the ZKR, formerly known as the BAR . BAR was a negative list of debtors.

Data on debtors who had defaulted on their loan agreements

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Only data specified in the ZKR Act (customer identification data, contract data, defaults, fraud, and card fraud data) may be stored in the ZKR for the period of time required by law, and the data may only be used for the purposes specified in the ZKR Act.

In the event of non-payment, or part thereof, of the installment (s) (the amount of overdue and unpaid debts arising from the credit agreement is in excess of the minimum monthly wage at the time of default and continues to exist for more than 90 days) day, the financial organization that is in a contractual relationship with the natural person must send a warning that the customer’s details will be transferred to the ZKR if they fail to settle. You can still settle your debt after the warning. Credit default data remains in the CCIS for 10 years from the date of transfer and may be used during this period to assess creditworthiness without the consent of the client. In the event of payment of the debt, the data remain in the CCIS for 1 year from the date of payment.

It is important to know that when a financial organization provides data

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Not including regular monthly data transfers – it will notify you in writing within 5 business days of the date of transmission. It should also be noted that, except in the case of defaults, fraud and card fraud, the data entered into the CCIS may be transferred to another financial organization only with your prior consent . The consent or refusal of your consent shall cover all of your contracts and may be modified at any time.

You can ask any financial organization affiliated to a ZKR, free of charge, for information about what information about you is included in the ZKR , and which institution provided it, who, when and for what reason. 

If you believe that your records have been unlawfully entered

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Into the CCIS or that the records are not true, you may request that your data be corrected or deleted. You can submit your objection to the financial organization that provided the data or to the financial enterprise managing the ZKR. You will be informed in writing, within strict legal deadlines, of the outcome of the EXAMINATION investigation. If the financial organization providing the data to the ZKR accepts your objection, it must immediately notify the ZKR management company that will rectify or delete the correction or deletion.

If you are not satisfied with the information you have received about your objection, you can apply to the District Court for your place of residence within 30 days of receiving it.

Prior to entering into a contract, the institution is required to disclose to you the information obtained from the ZKR to determine its creditworthiness and the conclusions that can be drawn from that information regarding its creditworthiness. Keep in mind also that the financial organization – proven in your signature – to provide rules governing the CCIS and the rights you enjoyed the pre-contractual information in writing.

When should I change the currency of my credit?

To change the currency of the credit we have, the nature of the credit must be considered, that is, if it is a personal loan, vehicle credit or mortgage loan, since the terms and requirements are different in each case.

It is advisable to change the currency when you have a long-term credit (24 months or more) since otherwise the savings will not be received and the paperwork for the change will be more expensive than maintaining the same loan. You should consider the new rate offered to you, which should be similar to the previous one and also negotiate a preferential exchange rate. Compare your account statements and what you would pay to cancel the loan with the current and new currency, to verify that it really suits you.

In the case of personal loans

In the case of personal loans

The procedures for this change are minor and you can perform them both in the same bank (ask an advisor for your currency exchange) or in another bank, if it is denied.

For mortgage loans the requirements are higher since a new risk assessment is carried out (if you can or cannot pay the installments), as well as the terms and amounts to be paid. It is important to note that in this type of credit the guarantee (the property) is not depreciated.

For vehicle loans, the procedure is a bit more cumbersome, this is because the vehicle warranty does depreciate, that is, it loses its value in a certain percentage over time.

Finally, the terms for this change depend on the type of credit:

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Personal loan: 3 to 15 days
Vehicle or mortgage credit: 20 to 25 days.

The exchange rate is always changing and the upward trend presented today may not be the same next year, so it is always good to have this information at hand. Now that you know how to change the currency of your credit, you can request the one you want but always comparing your options so as not to pay unnecessary interest and get all the possible benefits. Compare with our comparator of personal loans, mortgage loans or vehicle credits, and make sure you don’t pay anything else.


Steps to get rid of credit cards without regretting

According to a study by Sentinel, the number of Peruvians who have three credit cards increased in the past year. But what is more surprising is that many of them have debts.

If we are in such a situation, we have three or more credit cards and the money does not reach us as much as we would like, the most appropriate response would be the cancellation of some of your plastics, so that you stay with one or two at most. But how to proceed to eliminate them without having any regrets? These are the things you should consider:


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We must be clear about this point, the idea is not only that it offers you benefits but that those benefits fit your profile. It is no use accumulating kilometers if you hate traveling by plane. Evaluate well what is the rewards program of each card and the one that does not offer you much, it already has a point against.

Rate: It is in second place because when you get into the habit of paying everything in a single installment and before expiration, this does not matter much because they will not charge you interest. However, if you do use installment financing, you should look at the rates offered by that card and also look at the fees charged.


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With which card have you never had a delay? That gets an additional point because you have already formed a good reputation with it, which can make them offer you a more competitive rate or some extra benefit in the future.

If on the way you see that none of your cards offer you too much, don’t be afraid to discard them all. Remember that you can always encourage yourself to compare all the cards on the market using the Dendoras Felotoas comparator, and thus check which ones are worthwhile.


Security tips to take payday loans online.

In the digital era in which we are currently moving, it is very easy to find any number of services that can be done online and without complications. Reduce time and improve the forms of customer service have become a priority, especially for those who offer financial services such as Kierader Sanders Loan.

Grants online payday loans.

Grants online credits.

However, it is essential that we do not lose sight of the fact that there are many things to which we must pay special attention, so as not to have to go through bad times or inconveniences that lead to serious problems. For this reason, we want to give you some tips for when you browse the internet looking for this type of services and to use our 100% secure platform.

On many occasions people have doubts about making an application for online payday loans, because they fear that their information may be leaked to other pages or that it may fall into the hands of unscrupulous people. Unfortunately, there have been many cases of users who have been through this and who have also been scammed by unreliable companies and fear that when they try again, this will happen again.

Therefore it is necessary that as a user who surfs the Internet take our first advice: Look for a genuine and well designed platform. When you browse the web and find a website that seems to have been designed eagerly or in a pre-established template, it begins to distrust.

Those of us who offer financial services put great effort

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We hire a professional design, make adjustments to make navigation simple, but above all we pay more attention to the issue of computer security on the web. We shield ourselves by all the fields to avoid that hackers and people who have a very wide domain of the systems, can invade our platform and steal information, as well as we have ways to detect those who also want to take away our data as a company.

So if the design of the site does not seem to have deserved an effort, it would be a good idea to turn the page and continue looking for another place where you can find completely secure online payday loans, such as Kierader Sanders Loan. In this way, avoid scams and theft of your financial information, your user data and other things that may be important to you.

On the other hand, it is significant that if you found a website that seems to have everything we mentioned above, you begin to inquire about its trajectory in the market and the clients that it has had. Generally, companies that have a high number of users are usually the most recommended by them, so finding this information will be very useful.

It is important that you know that not all companies that have been in the market for many years are the best, nor are those that are just starting out the worst. Actually this is a very subjective issue, but when we talk about trajectory more than the years we refer to the amount of services they have provided from the moment they started operations, for which the previous data will be very useful.

There are many online credit companies

There are many online credit companies

That can have been running for just one year but have provided many more services than one that has been operating for 10 years, which is a fundamental fact, because if they find a company that has granted only 300 credits for a decade, it is Because something is wrong. If you have doubts it is best not to provide any of your data.

It is also very important that you review what kind of options or possibilities the company offers for the payment and disbursement of your credit. Remember to be very attentive to what banking or financial information they ask for. They usually require your account number, to which you want the money you requested to enter, so you cannot lose sight of what mechanisms or tools are making this request to you.

On the internet, card codes are rarely requested, only for online transactions, but not for this type of service, so if they request the password of the account you have provided in the form, it is time to run! Exit the page and continue your search.

So remember:

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Look for pages where you see great dedication and design effort, they are companies that really work correctly. Choose a place that gives you the security of delivering your basic financial information without requesting keys or other important data. Verify that the service meets your expectations of payment and disbursement time, otherwise do not accept the service.

When browsing our platform you will see that it is very simple to request any of our products. You just have to fill out the form correctly and verify that the information you have provided is correct and complete before completing the process. You must be very aware of the amount you have requested and the payment date we have provided to cancel your debt. You should also be very attentive to your email because we will send a confirmation email, approving the transaction and informing you of the date on which you can find the money in your account.

Our security policies and treatment of personal data in the provision of our services for online payday loans are very strict, because your information is very important to us. We DO NOT share it with anyone, nor do we sell it to companies that create databases. You can check them directly on our site or if you prefer you can click here.

Ways to get your credit history

Many people want to apply for a personal loan or credit of some kind but are afraid of being rejected because they do not know their credit history. “Will I be a risk user?” They ask. (Want to know why the credits are denied? You can see it here )

Definitely, only we can know this answer because we know what we have spent our money over time and with what institutions we have borrowed. However, we may have doubts because we do not know how our score affected the delay we had or if our score is good even if we have not had credits. To solve these doubts and be prepared to request the financing we need, there are several ways in which we can obtain our credit history and our score.

Xchange – Free

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You can download this application to your phone and it will give you 5 free consultations where you can find out not only your credit history but that of whoever you want, placing only your ID.
If after exhausting your 5 free consultations you want to verify your history or that of another person, you will have to pay. Senitel – Free. By entering the Senitel website, you will be able to obtain the registration of your debts during the last two years, as well as those that you currently have pending and the rating that has been granted by them.



For that you must fill in the information requested there and through an SMS to your cell phone or code to your email, you can confirm the opening of your account. This report can be obtained twice a year. In addition, on the same page you can request to know the credit status of third parties.

Klerdestors – Free

Equifax - Free


Klerdestors allows you to obtain your Risk Score (from 0 to 20) in the credit system to know how banks see you and what are the chances of obtaining a credit in the next 12 months.

For that you must enter the Klerdestors website and look for the option to “buy Infocorp report”, then the free option will also appear. Klerdestors – Paid. To get the detail of your history you can also use Klerdestors. This time you will have to make a payment of s / 30.00 to get all the information. If after checking your history you discovered that there are no risks of being denied a credit, you can use our website to obtain the options with the lowest interest in the different cases: Personal loans, mortgage credit, vehicle credit, etc.